2018 Central Pacific Regional Championships

Congratulations to the following skaters who competed recently at the 2018 Central Pacific Regional Championships in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Bobae Blain, 6th Juvenile Girls
Crystal Chen, 11th, Intermediate Ladies
James Dayton, 5th, Intermediate Men
Mia Kalin, 2nd, Juvenile Girls
Bridget Lee, 11th, Intermediate Ladies Group B
Soho Lee, Pre-Juvenile Girls
Amy Li, 18th, Novice Ladies
Aaron Li, Pre-Juvenile Boys
Alysa Liu, 1st, Junior Ladies
Kathy Liu, 7th, Intermediate Ladies Group A
Laz Lune, 8th, Intermediate Men
Cyrus McSwain, 1st, Juvenile Boys
Flynn Mitchell, Pre-Preliminary Boys
Juliana Newton, 15th, Intermediate Ladies Group B
Nina Oulette, 1st, Senior Ladies
AnnaMarie Pearce, 5th, Senior Ladies
Sofia Pica, 14th, Novice Ladies
Anna Thomason, 10th, Juvenile Girls Group B
Aria Trivedi, Pre-Preliminary Girls
Alice Yang, 2nd, Senior Ladies
Micol Zhai, 10th, Novice Ladies

You can find details about the competition here and the results will be posted here.