2018 Pacific Coast Sectionals

Congratulations to all of the club’s skaters who competed at the 2018 Pacific Coast Sectional Championships.  You can find more about the competition here.  The results will be posted here.

Derrick Der, 7th, Senior Men
Nina Ouellette, 6th, Senior Ladies
Alice Yang, 11th, Senior Ladies
Alysa Liu, 1st, Junior Ladies
James Dayton, Intermediate Men
Cyrus McSwain, 10th, Juvenile Boys
Jason Wiemels, 12th, Juvenile Boys
Mia Kalin, 7th, Juvenile Girls
Ethan Musladin and his partner (from Peninsula SC) Allison Kim, 3rd, Juvenile Pairs
Nathan Grundhofer and his partner (from SC Boston) Juliette Erickson, 5th, Junior Pairs
Camille Barty and Colin Johnston, 6th, Juvenile Pairs
Juliana Newton and her partner (from Stockton FSC) Evan Mullins, 4th, Juvenile Dance