Governing Council

Governing council is the annual meeting of all the clubs that make up US Figure skating.  It is held once a year and the clubs ratify the decisions of US Figure Skating committees and Board as well as receiving reports from various groups.  It is interesting to see how the organization works.

Based on our membership size, SMISC is allowed 7 delegates to governing council, who will be voting on various issues.  Board members normally attend, but any club member in good standing is welcome to apply.

The dates are May 3-5, and will be in Orlando, Florida.  The delegates bear the cost of attending (airfare, hotel and food), but some reimbursement of funds is generally available to help offset the costs.  You may also attend as an observer, but we would not reimburse for that.  The delegates will be expected to blog their experiences daily to share with the club on the daily activities.  This experience will be more work than leisure time.

There are some workshops and sectional club meetings but most of the time will be spent in the general session, listening to reports, and voting on various actions that come up.  It is serious work, but satisfying if you care about ice skating and have an interest in the sport on a national level.

If you wish to attend, the Board will be happy to consider your request.

We will ask

  • Why do you want to attend governing council?
  • Have you attended before as a delegate or observer?
  • What would you hope to gain from attending?
  • What can you bring back to the club from attending?

If this sounds like something you are interested in, please contact one of the board members.  Our emails are on the SMISC website.

For more information on Governing Council, click here.

For the Board,

Dirk Vanderlaan

2017-2018 President