2018 US Adult Figure Skating Championships

Congratulations to the club’s adult skaters who just competed at the 2018 US Figure Skating Championships in Marlborough, MA.  You can find complete results here.

  • Autumn Allison, 16th Adult Silver Ladies IV; 9th Adult Silver Dramatic Entertainment IV; 7th Adult Silver Light Entertainment IV
  • Kelsey Cease, 4th Championship Masters Junior Senior Ladies; 1st Adult Gold Solo Dance
  • John Dowding, 1st Centennial Dance
  • Brian Hemenway, 6th Championship Adult Silver Men; 3rd Adult Bronze Dance; 3rd Adult Bronze Solo Dance; 2nd Adult Silver Men III IV
  • Kelly Morr, 12th Championship Adult Gold Ladies; 1st Adult Gold Dramatic Entertainment I
  • Elizabeth Palomeque, 4th Adult Bronze Ladies III; 2nd Adult Bronze Dramatic Entertainment III; 3rd Adult Light Entertainment III
  • Michael Ricigliano, 4th Championship Adult Dance, 1st Adult Gold Dance
  • Elizabeth Schmidt, 4th Championship Adult Dance, 1st Adult Gold Dance
  • Michele Silak, 17th Adult Silver Ladies IV