About Us

Official Club Name: St. Moritz Ice Skating Club, Inc.
Principal Skating Headquarters: Oakland Ice Center / Shark’s Ice
Other Club Skating Rinks: Dublin Iceland
U.S. Figure Skating Member Club #: 2205
Date Club Established: 1931
U.S. Figure Skating Member Club: 1934
Incorporated: 1939
First Club President: Mrs. John Woodroffe Garthwaite
Annual Competitions: Skate St. Moritz, Bay Cities Team Skating Competition
1st National Championships Hosted: 1947
Skate America Co-Hosted : 1991
World Championships Co-Hosted: 1992
Adult National Championships: 1998


Click here for information about membership with the St. Moritz Ice Skating Club.  If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us.