Mission Statement

Mission Statement of the St. Moritz Ice Skating Club

Our mission is to foster the sport of figure skating at the local, national and international level by providing member services, conducting competitions and test sessions, and providing an organizational structure that supports activities, such as skating sessions, seminars, or other programs, that enrich the development of competitive and recreational figure skaters, enthusiasts, and officials, by maintaining social and athletic activities.


Value Statement of the St. Moritz Ice Skating Club

We promote participation in figure skating in an atmosphere of fun and good sportsmanship and encourage character building through sports participation. Recognizing that this is an activity for all ages and abilities, we strive to provide an environment for competitive, recreational and social ice skating. We encourage each member to develop to his/her potential by supporting programs or endeavors at all levels and in all disciplines that enhance accomplishment and enjoyment in the sport. We celebrate bringing people together through a network of social interaction with the goal of sustaining a membership of valued skaters, officials, coaches, parents, fans and volunteers.