Officials & IJS

The St. Moritz Ice Skating Club is the designated home club for many U.S. Figure Skating Officials. See a list of those officials.

Training Support

Because we recognize how essential a strong community of officials is to any club, the Board of Directors is pleased to make available some funding for the partial reimbursement of expenses incurred in trial judging or training/education of officials. We welcome applications from trial judges seeking appointments in all disciplines and for those training as officials in other areas (e.g., technical panel, accounting, music, announcing). Please download the information and application here.

Interested in becoming an Official?

U.S Figure Skating is always looking for qualified people to become officials. Are you interested in becoming a judge or technical specialist? How about an Accountant, Music Coordinator or Announcer? Click one of the links below to contact one of our officials who will be able to help you get started.

How to become a…
Technical Specialist
Music Coordinator

International Judging System (IJS)

The International Judging System (IJS) continues to evolve and is quickly becoming a larger part of our qualifying and non-qualifying competition structure. Below are links to the ISU and U.S. Figure Skating pages that include information that should help you understand the system and its requirements better.

ISU Links

ISU Judging System – Singles/Pairs/Dance
Check the latest ISU Communications

U.S. Figure Skating Links

How the ISU Judging System Works
Information for Judges
Information for Technical Controllers/Specialists
Skaters/Coaches and the ISU Judging System
Technical Notifications/Alerts