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Mailing Address

St Moritz Ice Skating Club
P.O. Box 72452
OaklandĀ CA 94612

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Dublin Iceland
7212 San Ramon Road
Dublin CA 94568

Oakland Ice Center/Sharks Ice
519 18th Street
Oakland CA 94612

Board of Directors & Club Officers


The Board Board of Directors
President Dirk Vanderlaan
Vice President Susan Bonn
2nd Vice President Jean Fahmie
Treasurer Lisa Erle
Secretary Christopher Newton
Directors Scott Davis
Juliet Gee
Charlene Lambros
Lynn Smith


Membership Chair: Jean Fahmie
Sanctions Chair: Lisa Erle
Moves/FS Test Chair: Lisa Erle
Dance Test Chair: Dirk Vanderlaan

Club members who are interested in knowing more about the club’s activities and budget can contact the club secretary for the latest budget, Treasurer’s report and approved Board of Director’s minutes.