Your club is a 501(c)3 organization meaning that all donations to the club are tax deductable. We offer three funds to which you can donate.

St. Moritz Fund

The St. Moritz Fund is a trust fund that gives financial assistance to our competitive skaters. It was established with the proceeds of 1992 Worlds, which we co-hosted with the Peninsula FSC. It grows through donations from the Club and from individuals like you.

Forest Moore Fund

The Forest Moore Fund was started by Forest and Virgina Moore. It is administered by the board and provides grants to skaters that may be experiencing financial hardship in paying for their training or equipment expenses.

General Operating Fund

The General Operating Fund provides for the club´s on-going operations. Funds will be used as directed by the Board.
It´s easy to make a donation and your contributions are tax-deductible! Make your check payable to the St. Moritz ISC, designate which fund the donation is for, and send it to St Moritz ISC, c/o Lisa Erle, P.O. Box 72452, Oakland, CA, 94612.

You can also donate on-line through PayPal´s secure checkout.


St Moritz Fund FAQsNote the following is a summary of the Fund´s objectives and operating guidelines. Where a discrepancy exists between what is stated below and the Fund´s governing documents, the governing documents shall prevail.
Q-1. Can you donate an amount to the Fund for a designated skater?
A-1. No.

Q-2. Will my donation be publicly acknowledged?
A-2. You will receive a note of acknowledgement confirming that your check was truly a donation without any goods or services received in return. Your donation will also be noted on the Club website if you wish.

Q-3. Who is eligible to receive funding from the St Moritz Fund?
A-3. The St Moritz Fund´s tax-exempt purpose is to support skaters on a National and International competitive track. St. Mortiz member skaters in singles, pairs and dance in a qualifying competition (Regionals or Sectionals), as well as skaters competing at these levels at a National or International competition, are eligible to receive support from the Fund. All competitors who skate in the competition who have been Home Club members for at least a year get the same amount of support. Multi-event competitors get budgeted funds from all events they enter. Competitors who are designated alternates for a competition receive half of the budgeted funding in order to assist them in case they are selected to compete. Synchronized teams (not individual skaters on the team) are eligible when they compete at a Sectional, National, or International competition.

Q-4. How much money can a skater receive?
A-4. The Trust sets the amounts of support based on the level of the competition and the expense of attending.