2018 US Figure Skating Championships

Congratulations to the club’s skaters that competed at the 2018 US Figure Skating Championships.  You can find complete results here.

  • Ethan Musladin and his partner Allison Kim (from Peninsula SC), Juvenile Pairs, 10th place
  • Juliana Newton and her partner Evan Mullins (from Stockton FSC), Juvenile Dance, 12th place
  • Nathan Grundhofer and his partner Juliette Erickson (from SC Boston), Junior Pairs, 13th place
  • Alysa Liu, Junior Ladies, 1st place

2018 Pacific Coast Sectionals

Congratulations to all of the club’s skaters who competed at the 2018 Pacific Coast Sectional Championships.  You can find more about the competition here.  The results will be posted here.

Derrick Der, 7th, Senior Men
Nina Ouellette, 6th, Senior Ladies
Alice Yang, 11th, Senior Ladies
Alysa Liu, 1st, Junior Ladies
James Dayton, Intermediate Men
Cyrus McSwain, 10th, Juvenile Boys
Jason Wiemels, 12th, Juvenile Boys
Mia Kalin, 7th, Juvenile Girls
Ethan Musladin and his partner (from Peninsula SC) Allison Kim, 3rd, Juvenile Pairs
Nathan Grundhofer and his partner (from SC Boston) Juliette Erickson, 5th, Junior Pairs
Camille Barty and Colin Johnston, 6th, Juvenile Pairs
Juliana Newton and her partner (from Stockton FSC) Evan Mullins, 4th, Juvenile Dance

Update/Clarification on New Test Requirements

We have had several requests for where or how to find the test requirements that go into effect on Nov. 1st. This information is found in the rulebook beginning with Rule 4200. However, to make it easier for everyone, our test chair has copied out the information from the rulebook and it is available below so our skaters and coaches may download it or print it out more easily.  Most programs that skaters are currently doing will still work for the new requirements but there have been some changes and you will want to check the requirements to be sure you are in compliance. (For instance, the Pre-Preliminary FS test currently requires one spin, but it will require the skaters to do 2 spins beginning Nov. 1st).

Click below for the appropriate rule book section.

Pre-Preliminary through Senior Singles Freestyle
Adult Singles Freestyle

2018 Central Pacific Regional Championships

Congratulations to the following skaters who competed recently at the 2018 Central Pacific Regional Championships in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Bobae Blain, 6th Juvenile Girls
Crystal Chen, 11th, Intermediate Ladies
James Dayton, 5th, Intermediate Men
Mia Kalin, 2nd, Juvenile Girls
Bridget Lee, 11th, Intermediate Ladies Group B
Soho Lee, Pre-Juvenile Girls
Amy Li, 18th, Novice Ladies
Aaron Li, Pre-Juvenile Boys
Alysa Liu, 1st, Junior Ladies
Kathy Liu, 7th, Intermediate Ladies Group A
Laz Lune, 8th, Intermediate Men
Cyrus McSwain, 1st, Juvenile Boys
Flynn Mitchell, Pre-Preliminary Boys
Juliana Newton, 15th, Intermediate Ladies Group B
Nina Oulette, 1st, Senior Ladies
AnnaMarie Pearce, 5th, Senior Ladies
Sofia Pica, 14th, Novice Ladies
Anna Thomason, 10th, Juvenile Girls Group B
Aria Trivedi, Pre-Preliminary Girls
Alice Yang, 2nd, Senior Ladies
Micol Zhai, 10th, Novice Ladies

You can find details about the competition here and the results will be posted here.



2017 Skate St Moritz

Thanks to all of the skaters, judges, coaches, officials and volunteers for a successful Skate St Moritz.  We hope you all had a good time and appreciate all of the efforts from our fantastic volunteers.

You can find the results here.

See you next year!


2016-2017 Honor Roll

The Honor Roll for the 2016 – 2017 membership season is now available here.  We have included our graduating high school seniors, Class of 2017. If you are not on the list it is because we could not confirm your information in time. Please contact Lisa Erle if you need to be added to our list.

Membership Renewals Due Now

A new skating year started July 1 and if you are testing or competing you will need to renew your registration for the 2017-2018 year.  Registration is now open.  Renew on-line by clicking here.

See the membership page for information about the different memberships the club offers or you can click here. You can click here to complete the easy to follow on-line membership process.

As a reminder digital copies of the current Rulebook are available for download under the Technical Tab on the US Figure Skating site which you can reach by clicking here and the Directory can be accessed on the members only site http://www.usfsaonline.org/.

Feature on Synchronized Skating

Congratulations to all of the St. Moritz Ice Skating Club skaters competing at the 2013 Synchronized National Championships in Michigan! In honor of Synchro Nationals our featured skater article is written by Devin Wang. Devin started skating with the Silver Stars in Dublin and is now competing with the Haydenettes at the Senior level nationally and internationally. Check out her article by clicking here. Thank you for your story Devin!

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Donate to St. Moritz

Did you know that St Moritz is now a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization? This means that any donations you make to the club are tax deductible to you. We have updated our donationpage to explain the various giving opportunities that are available. We also now accept donations via Google checkout so you can give using your credit card. Thanks for helping your club and your fellow members.